A 30-year-old man told emergency services he was going to use a chainsaw to ‘cut people’s heads off’, a court has heard.

Jason Liam Christian this week admitted two counts of misuse of a public communications network.

He was initially granted bail until his sentencing date but said he wasn’t going to turn up.

Christian was then ordered back into the dock by High Bailiff Jayne Hughes and remanded in custody.

He will be sentenced on July 4 after a probation report has been prepared.

Prosecuting advocate Peter Connick told the court that emergency services received a 999 call from Christian, late in the evening, on April 26.

He told the operator: ‘I’ve got a chainsaw. I’m going to cut people’s heads off.’

The operator asked him why, and he replied: ‘Cos I want to.

‘I don’t give a flying ****. I’m going to smash heads in.’

Christian then said he had drunk two bottles of vodka and that he did not mean his threats.

However, on April 29, another 999 call was received from him.

He was described as not making any sense but then started talking about someone who was not breathing.

The operator quizzed him further, asking if the patient was breathing, and Christian said: ‘No, he’s dead.’

He then said ‘nah, I’m only joking’ before the call ended.

Christian then called back and was told not to call unless there was a real emergency, but he replied: ‘You know what, **** off.’

He was subsequently arrested at his home, at Bircham Avenue Close in Ramsey, and said: ‘I can’t believe I have been arrested for calling the police.’

He was described as unsteady on his feet and clearly drunk.

During a police interview, Christian told officers he had been drinking since April 24 and hadn’t stopped until he was arrested.

He claimed he could not remember making any of the calls but accepted it would have been him.

The court heard that he is currently subject to a probation order, imposed in January for a theft from the Co-op in Parliament Street in Ramsey.

Christian opted to represent himself in court, declining the use of a duty advocate, and saying: ‘I want to get it done and dusted now.’

He was asked by the High Bailiff if he was drunk in court, as his probation officer had said that he was possibly under the influence of alcohol, but Christian said that he wasn’t.

Sentencing was adjourned with bail granted but as Christian was waiting by the door to sign his bail form, he started saying: ‘I’m not coming back here. Just give me a fine or something.’

He was subsequently ordered back into the dock and remanded.

The High Bailiff ordered that the probation report consider all sentencing options, including custody.