An offender has admitted sending a menacing message to his ex-partner.

Daniel Jonathan Fick told the woman ‘I’m going to kill you’ after hearing she was out on a date.

Sentencing was adjourned to allow the prosecution to speak to the victim regarding a possible restraining order.

Prosecuting advocate Chrissie Hunt told the court that police were contacted by Fick’s ex-partner on October 17.

She said that the 33-year-old had been sending threatening messages on Whatsapp, an online messaging application.

The woman said that she had been in a relationship with Fick, who lives at Park Road, Douglas, for three-and-a-half years but it had ended 10 months prior to the incident.

She said that he sometimes rang her 20 times a day.

The woman said that, on October 16, someone had told Fick that she was going on a date.

During the evening she said that she received a number of calls from Fick, during which he told her: ‘I’m going to kill you. Get down to my house and face me.’

He also insulted her using abusive words.

She said that he then told her: ‘I’ve got a lift coming to get me now. I’m gonna get you in the Hawthorn.’

He then contacted her again and said: ‘You’re lucky my lift said no, once they found out why I was going there.’

After being arrested, during a police interview, Fick answered ‘no comment’ to all questions.

Ms Hunt said that he was perhaps lucky not to be charged with a telecommunications offence.

The prosecutor asked for an adjournment, saying that she wanted to consult the victim regarding a possible restraining order, as the former couple have a child together.

Defence advocate Paul Glover said that there was no objection to the adjournment.

Magistrates adjourned the case until November 3.

Bail continues in the sum of £500 with a condition not to contact the complainant.