A 28-year-old man has been fined £1,000 for common assault and resisting arrest.

Jason Craig Kneale was restrained by police using Pava spray during one incident and kicked a man on the ground during another one on a different date.

Other charges, of disorderly behaviour on licensed premises, common assault, and property damage, were withdrawn by the prosecution.

The groundworker was also ordered by magistrates to pay £500 compensation to the victim of the assault.

Prosecuting advocate Barry Swain told the court that, on September 18, at 2.45am, Kneale was at the Royal George pub in Ramsey.

He was said to have become involved in an argument with another male in the smoking area and both were told to leave.

However, after they left, the two men encountered each other again, in Parliament Street.

Their disagreement continued and CCTV footage showed Kneale grabbing the other man and throwing him to the ground, before kicking him in the torso.

The man got up and went towards Kneale, but Kneale threw him down again and kicked him.

The man’s phone was damaged during the assault and said to be worth £300.

Mr Swain said that they were full force kicks and it was fortunate that the complainant only received some bruising and an injured toe.

On October 9, Kneale was at 1886 bar in Regent Street in Douglas.

He was said to be ‘larking about’ and had stuffed a toilet brush down the back of his trousers before being asked to leave by security staff.

Kneale was described as smelling strongly of alcohol and unsteady on his feet.

Police arrived as Kneale was said to have been belligerent and abusive.

He swore and told officers: ‘You stupid idiots. You’re not getting me in the back of the van.’

Kneale put his legs out to stop himself being put in the police van and was eventually restrained using Pava spray.

A probation report said that groundworker Kneale, who lives at Close Drean, Ramsey, accepted that his behaviour was appalling and admitted that he was intoxicated.

The report said that he had not been before the court since 2017 and did go long periods without drinking.

Kneale said that he had not been out since the incidents as he felt ashamed of his behaviour and deeply regretted what happened.

Defence advocate Stephen Wood said: ‘My client understands he needs to grow up.

‘Quite what was going on that justified the request to leave the premises at 1886 is anyone’s guess.

‘He was Pava sprayed for his troubles and then gets to spend a night in the cells.

‘He should have just gone quietly but drink’s in, wit’s out.’

Of the Royal George incident, Mr Wood said that the complainant had thought something had been said by Kneale which had then resulted in them coming together.

‘Both were asked to go their separate ways and went out different exits, but ended up coming face to face with each other,’ said the advocate.

Mr Wood went on to ask for credit to be given for his client’s guilty pleas, his remorse, and the fact that he had been out of trouble since 2017.

Magistrates fined Kneale £600 for the common assault and £400 for the resisting arrest offence.

No order for prosecution costs was made and he will pay the fines and compensation at a rate of £100 per month.