A 61-year-old man who said he shoplifted because he was hungry and to feed his dog has been fined £200.

Patrick Henry Smith admitted three counts of theft, all committed at the Co-op in Ramsey.

He also pleaded guilty to being drunk and incapable.

Magistrates also ordered him to pay £45 compensation to the Co-op for the stolen goods, as well as £125 prosecution costs.

The court heard that Smith was first arrested on June 19 after he was found in a highly intoxicated state at Waterloo Road in Ramsey, at 9.15pm.

He was arrested due to concerns for his safety, as he lived alone and had no-one to look after him.

On July 17, Smith was seen entering the Co-op on Christian Street in Ramsey.

He took a bottle of vodka and some bacon, worth £24, and left without paying.

On July 21, Smith went into the Co-op on Parliament Street and helped himself to corned beef, salmon, and cooking sauce, as well as some coffee, all valued at £13.

He went into the Parliament Street branch again on August 23 and this time took four tins of tuna and some coffee, valued at £8.

CCTV footage from the stores was reviewed and Smith, who lives at Osborne Grove in Douglas, was arrested.

During a police interview, he had made rash decisions, as he had been hungry and had no money. He said that the tuna was for his dog.

Defence advocate David Clegg said: ‘This is something of a sad situation. They are very low-value thefts.

‘Mr Smith admitted all the matters at the police station and has pleaded guilty in court.’

The advocate said that Smith suffered from ill health and was on medication, but had also had a few drinks.

‘He didn’t have money to pay. The tuna was for his dog.

‘He has at times been going hungry in order to care for his dog.’

Magistrates ordered Smith to pay the fine, compensation and costs at a rate of £5 per week.