A teenager who crashed a car into a telegraph pole has been fined £1,050 for careless driving and having no insurance.

Abigail McGovern admitted the offences and also had her licence endorsed with six penalty points.

Prosecuting advocate Chrissie Hunt told the court that police were called to an accident at Sandygate on August 19 at 9.15pm.

McGovern, who is 18, had crashed a Ford Fiesta into a telegraph pole causing extensive damage.

The car did not belong to her but the owner was a passenger in the vehicle.

During a police interview, McGovern said that she had lost control of the car as she travelled towards crossroads and believed the weather and her speed were the cause.

Checks found that she was insured to drive the car.

The court heard that she has no previous convictions.

Defence advocate Deborah Myerscough said that McGovern’s own vehicle was insured, fully comprehensive and she believed this covered her to drive other vehicles.

Ms Myerscough said that the car owner had been drinking so McGovern had offered to drive the car for them.

‘She was being a decent human being,’ said the advocate.

‘The reality is that this particular insurance company doesn’t insure people under 25 to drive anybody else’s vehicle, even if it is fully comprehensive.

‘She has not deliberately driven the vehicle not caring whether she is insured or not.’

Magistrates fined McGovern, who lives at Close Thunnag, Ramsey, £400 for careless driving and £650 for driving without insurance.

She must also pay £50 prosecution costs and will pay all amounts at a rate of £50 per week.