A 40-year-old man has been fined £350 for threatening behaviour at the island’s biggest entertainment venue.

Chaney Gallagher kicked over a chair and swore in front of children as he was arrested on April 22.

Magistrates also ordered him to pay £125 prosecution costs.

Prosecuting advocate Chrissie Hunt told the court that police initially arrested Gallagher at the Villa Marina in Douglas on an unrelated matter which was not pursued.

As he was being taken to a police van, he kicked over a chair and started swearing.

Officers asked him to calm down but Gallagher continued to swear.

Ms Hunt said that a family event was taking place at the time with children present.

After being taken to police headquarters, Gallagher answered ‘no comment’ to all questions during an interview.

Defence advocate James Peterson said: ‘Mr Gallagher doesn’t have any real excuse.

‘He remembers being upset by being arrested for unconnected matters.’

The advocate asked for credit to be given for his client’s guilty plea.

Magistrates ordered Gallagher, who lives in Hazel Close, Douglas, to pay the fine and costs at a rate of £10 per week, deducted from benefits.