A customer who threw a pool ball against a wall in a pub has been fined £500 for disorderly behaviour on licensed premises.

Gregory William Weston Crebbin said that he had been angered by comments made by another customer.

Deputy High Bailiff James Brooks also ordered him to pay £125 prosecution costs.

Prosecuting advocate Hazel Carroon told the court that Crebbin was in the Railway Station pub in Port St Mary on October 22 at midnight. The 24-year-old engineer, who lives at Erin Way, Port Erin, was playing pool but then got into an argument.

At first he told the man with whom he was arguing: ‘Go sit with your parents.’

However, the male swore at Crebbin, which prompted Crebbin to throw the cue ball in his direction.

It hit a wall but Crebbin was later arrested for disorderly behaviour on licensed premises.

When interviewed by police, he answered ‘no comment’ to all questions.

Defence advocate Paul Rodgers said that his client was very lightly convicted and asked the court to consider a financial penalty for the offence.

The advocate said: ‘Mr Crebbin knows the man’s father. Unfortunately the son was the worse for drink and made some offensive comments.

‘Mr Crebbin was doing his best to discourage him.

‘Unfortunately a ball was thrown but he wasn’t aiming at anyone.’

Mr Rodgers went on to say that his client had since been back to the pub to speak to the landlord and was welcome to return.

The court heard that Crebbin has one previous alcohol-related matter.

Deputy High Bailiff Mr Brooks told him: ‘Clearly you’re not somebody who engages in this behaviour.

‘I accept the ball was not thrown at anybody and was just thrown out of frustration and anger.’

Crebbin agreed to pay the fine and costs within seven days.