A 21-year-old woman has admitted being involved in smuggling nearly £100,000 worth of cocaine to the island in a fridge.

Rosemary Ellen Burgess also pleaded guilty to possessing £31,718 worth of cannabis with intent to supply, attempting to possess another £37,268 worth of the drug with intent to supply it, and money laundering in relation to £400 in cash.

She will be sentenced at the Court of General Gaol Delivery on January 12.

We reported last week that Burgess, who lives at Old Laxey Hill in Laxey, was accused of being part of an organised drug ring.

Cocaine weighing 994.9 grams, valued by police at £99,940, was sent to her in a small fridge, via a courier company in late September.

Cannabis weighing 1,585.9 grams, valued by police at £31,718, was also found in a holdall at her address in Laxey.

She also admitted attempting to possess 1.8 kilos of cannabis, valued by police at £37,268, which was found at an address in Woodbourne Road in Douglas in May.

Prosecuting advocate Peter Connick submitted that the case should be sent to the Court of General Gaol Delivery for sentencing, bearing in mind the large quantities involved.

Defence advocate Paul Rodgers agreed, but added that the money laundering offence on its own would have been suitable for summary court.

Mr Rodgers asked for a probation report as well as a psychiatric report to be prepared before sentencing.

The advocate said that the standard turnaround for a psychiatric report was currently three months.

High Bailiff Rachael Braidwood declined summary court jurisdiction and committed Burgess to the higher court.

No bail application was made and she is remanded at the Isle of Man prison.