The deadline is fast approaching for Daniel Richardson to vacate his home in a part of Nut Glen above Ramsey.

He was due to leave the site by Friday, February 25.

Mr Richardson built his woodland home between May and August 2018, for a total of £77 - with all materials used either recycled, reclaimed, or donated.

He built the structure on what he believed to be ’no-man’s-land’ following several searches through records at the land registry to find the true owner.

The structure was later nominated for a UNESCO Biosphere award.

Incidentally, at the 2019 biosphere awards, Dan was praised by then-Department of Environment Food and Agriculture (DEFA) minister Geoffrey Boot for his sustainable lifestyle.

The award nomination and the commendation given to him on the night came about two weeks after the court proceedings brought by DEFA to remove him from the land had already begun.

Back in October 2021, a court ruled that he has no right to live there, and must leave.

It was revealed that at least part of the land he built his cabin on was owned by DEFA.

The case was heard by Deemster John Needham in the High Court of Justice in Douglas, who ruled Mr Richardson had three months to leave.

However, the enforcement of the possession order in favour of DEFA was postponed so as not to occur before 4pm on Friday, February 25, 2022.

The case in October was built around determining whose land Dan had actually built his home on.

As that was clearly settled, Mr Richardson was hopeful that all parties involved could work out a way forward.

The new DEFA minister, Clare Barber and MHK Daphne Caine have both been out to visit Mr Richardson since the ruling, hoping to find a way forward.

Mrs Caine has long been a vocal supporter of Mr Richardson, and suggested that he put in a planning application to retrospectively solve the problem, which he has since done.

He awaits the outcome of this application.

In the meantime, the drama seems to be never ending for both sides.

Mr Richardson said: ’It is!

’But because I’ve got this beautiful cabin to live in, when I’m here, that’s all beyond the boundaries.

’Whilst I’m here I get the peace and tranquillity that I need to be able to deal with it.

’I’ve been jumping through hoops and climbing over hurdles for the last few years.

’I’m still doing it again now with this planning application - I sent it in two weeks ago then they sent it back, now I’ve got to put it in again, it just goes on and on and on.’

He added: ’But as long as I’m here I have the motivation and the energy to deal with it, I don’t mind.

’Alright, more hoops more hurdles, bring it on.

’As long as I’m here, you know, you’ve got to fight for what you believe in haven’t you? This is me fighting for what I believe in.’