A return home to the Isle of Man was always on the cards for emergency department nurse Danielle Mather.

Danielle Mather grew up in Onchan before moving to Liverpool for her nurse training, with stints at the Royal Liverpool University and Broadgreen Hospitals Trust, along with Alder Hey Children’s Hospital.

But now she is back home with her family – including three dogs.

Danielle, 25, said: ‘All my friends had gone for the uni experience, obviously I wanted to do my nurse training and I didn’t want to be left out!

‘I had what can only be described as the time of my life, not just what Liverpool had to offer but the experience I had during my training.’

Back in the Isle of Man, Danielle is now working in the accident and emergency department at Noble’s Hospital and is also a ‘bank’ nurse for the air ambulance, meaning she can be called on at short notice to fly away in an emergency.

‘Doing the air ambulance is something I probably would not have the opportunity to do if I was still in the UK,’ she said.

Her involvement sees her informing the operators when she has availability to assist in an emergency and then seeing if she is needed.

‘It is a case of waiting for the call and hoping the call does not come in because you are hoping that no one is in the position where they would need you,’ she added. ‘But that is why I do it, to be able to help others when needed.

‘That is why I went into A&E, too. It can be hard but rewarding.

‘It is a privilege to be able to help people in their ultimate hour of need. When people come to A&E, as well as hurt, they can be very afraid and to be able to provide that person some assurance and emergency care is very rewarding.’

Danielle believes her career opportunities are better in the Isle of Man and said working for both the air ambulance and in the A&E department saw her being part of a close-knit team who all support each other – especially at those times when the cases have been tough to deal with.

‘Every job has got its peaks and troughs. You do have some traumatic days but it is made easier by the team we have.’

But it was not just for career reasons that Danielle decided to move back to the island.

‘I have always been a homesick kind of person. I had a great time when I was in Liverpool but I have always loved it here.

‘I decided to come home to be close to family and to my dogs – two cocker spaniels and a border collie. And I missed my friends over here.

‘I still stay in touch with all my university friends, with social media it is easy to keep in contact.’

One of the advantages of working shifts is it means she gets plenty of chances to get out with her dogs, which can be particularly helpful after a tough time.

One of her favourite spots is Groudle Glen, but Danielle is in love with all the Isle of Man’s scenery and everything else about the island.

‘I like how it is safe,’ she said, ‘and everyone is approachable. There is a real community feel.

‘You don’t get that in a big city. I loved my time in Liverpool and I did love working there. But I felt it was time to come back.

‘It is just a beautiful place and I think the fact it has maintained and protected that beauty makes you feel so proud of how beautiful the island is.’