The promenade construction work has missed its deadline for completion again.

The Department of Infrastructure announced in July that the project would be finished by the end of this month and this was stated on the MyProm website.

A spokesperson has confirmed October as the latest deadline for construction to be completed so time can be allowed for a ’defect period’.

This is a set period of time following a construction project being finished where a contractor has the right to return to the site to remedy any defects they may find.

The £26 million project was originally supposed to be completed by October 2020 but has been beset with a number of delays, in part due to Covid-19 as well as lack of resources.

Work is now set to continue into October as laid out by the contractor, Auldyn Construction, in charge of the project.

The contractor’s four-week plan was published to the website this month and shows the scheme continuing past its original September deadline.

Work on the cultural area around the Villa Marina and Gaiety Theatre, rail corridor and paving of footpaths were shown in the latest plan.

The deadline has been delayed multiple times previously, with one of the most recent being former Infrastructure Minister Tim Baker’s pledge in June that the work was set to be completed on schedule for August.

Following this, it was delayed once again to September with Auldyn struggling for resources and staff and the Department of Infrastructure was forced to step in to carry out parts of the project.

However, this meant that though it was due to be completed in September, the contractor still has another four weeks on top of that to correct any defective work.

The most recent development in the scheme is the traffic flow reversal on Finch Road has been reinstated back to its original direction today (Thursday).

As well as this, the bus stop and the parking on Prospect Hill has been reinstated and the Church Road Marina roundel has been fully opened for use.

The revamp, aimed to redesign much of the promenade to improve traffic flow, junctions and footpaths, has taken more than three years to complete since its start date on September 17, 2018.