Proposals for a large housing estate on a greenfield site in Ramsey will go before the planning committee again on Monday - with the developer welcoming that they’ve been recommended for approval.

Consideration of the Sulby Riverside scheme was deferred two weeks ago due to the volume of technical information submitted by government departments at the 11th hour.

Blythe Church Investments Holdings Ltd is seeking for detailed planning approval (22/00679/B) for the first phase of the scheme which could see a total of 66 houses and 12 flats built on fields at Poyll Dooey and outline consent for up to 127 more homes, making 205 in total.

Proposals include affordable housing, a new public house and community facility as well as light industrial units.

The site borders a nature reserve and a protected saltmarsh.

Among the objectors is the government’s flood management division which said no homes should be built on a floodplain. Manx Wildlife Trust says it would make a mockery of the island’s Biosphere status.

Nathan Church of Blythe Church Investments Holdings Ltd said the Spine Road proposed as part of the scheme will double as a flood defence.

He said: ‘As the island seeks to sustain economic growth it’s important that allocated sites such as ours are brought forward, and I welcome the planning officer’s view that our proposals are policy-compliant.

‘We have worked closely with officers for two years now to refine our proposals. Our new spine road along with five affordable houses in the scheme’s first phase go considerably beyond what is financially required of us.

‘We will play our part in the betterment of Ramsey in other ways such as lood protection and our new community hub which has been moved to overlook the new park and will be adjacent to the commercial units and connect to the riverside walk.

‘The much-needed road doubles as a flood defence, protecting these new homes and homes south of the site.

‘If our road is not adopted by the council then we’ll take responsibility for its maintenance, the cost of which would be covered by a management charge to residents of the site. Delivering this much needed key infrastructure will be of huge benefit, particularly during the TT, and is locked into our first phase of development.’

He added: ‘During our public consultation, local people told us they valued the new homes and workspaces proposed. A substantial majority were in favour of the scheme, noting how it would help sustain the town’s shops and other services as well as the island’s construction sector.

‘We’re looking forward to our proposals being subject to democratic scrutiny and await that final process with keen interest.’

Commenting on the economic impact of the investment, Mr Church said: ‘Ramsey competes with the island’s other urban centres for retail and tourism spend, as well as for wider investment.

‘Our project will boost local trade, but also send a signal to other investors and businesses that the town is moving forward with confidence.

‘It will also create valuable rateable income for investment in key public services, whilst new public amenities, such as play areas, a pocket park, a high-quality pub/community hub and new access to the riverside will all contribute to an improved environment and quality of life in Ramsey.’