With the news that yet more local businesses are closing their doors for the final time, most recently GH Corlett and Radfliffes Butchers, we asked members of the public whether they support local firms and whether the number of closures concerns them.

Justin Kinley-Atkins, from Ballasalla, admits it’s concerning that large numbers of local firms are shutting, but is optimistic about Tesco taking over Shoprite.

He said: ‘It is worrying. I used Radcliffes weekly so something like that certainly impacts me.

‘I know a lot of people are worried about Tesco’s takeover, I’m actually not.

‘One of the reasons being I think it will give us more options, and also pricing as it will cost them less to bring the stuff here.

‘However, local businesses are an important part of our economy because it’s not just that you want to support local, but where are these people going? Are they leaving the island? It’s concerning.

‘I worked in retail for many years, funnily enough for a company called Shoprite just not here, and when you’ve got the ability to bring more stock to a place it brings the price down, and also gives the opportunity to try different things to see which works in different places.’

Rayna Fitzgerald and Wendy Samson, from Onchan, both said they will be sad to see GH Corlett close down.

Rayna said: ‘We use GH Corlett all the time. I was always there as well as the book shops.

‘I’d get all the engraving done for the kids at the jewellers and we’d go there first before anywhere else.

‘It’s a massive loss, it’s awful.

‘We try our best to stay in town if we can.

‘It’s not about cheapness it’s about choice, and there’s not much choice at all here.

‘I’d prefer if we kept Shoprite – it’s local and that’s what we like.

‘Even with Ramsey Bakery, why have we lost our bakery? We should be self sufficient and not rely on anybody.’

Silvana and John Evans, from Laxey, said they try to shop local as much as they can.

John said: ‘We support as many local businesses as we can.

‘We do go to Tesco because it’s got stuff we need but for meat we go to our local butchers.

‘It’s worrying they’re coming in and taking nine stores. Will they take in the local suppliers that Shoprite had?

‘I think the Government could’ve saved Ramsey Bakery, and there’s now a lack of choice.’

Silvana added: ‘We support the local economy but it’s very concerning [that many are closing down]

‘I think the Government talking to Tesco would help, it would help families as well as we’ve got to think of the next generation as well as they’ll leave the island because what’s their income going to be?

‘I think the most important thing is keeping the history and heritage of the island.’

Jane Corkill, from Glen Vine, said: ‘I would always try and buy local as much as I can, obviously sometimes it’s just not possible but my first port of call is to always shop local.

‘I’ve used GH Corlett for years. Singing in the Guild and with all the trophies I’d won, I’d take them there to be engraved.

‘GH Corlett is an institution and it’s always been there.

‘I’m really sad it’s going, the service is always absolutely brilliant.

‘I think it’s concerning, it’s really sad when you walk down Strand Street and there’s so many empty units.

‘It’s concerning that people are closing businesses rather than maybe starting businesses.’