Dogtivity: Bark the herald canines sing in this novel nativity

By Daniel Gee   |   Head of Content   |
Tuesday 10th December 2019 6:01 am
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Golden retrievers, beagles, collies and a whole host of other dogs were stars of a very different kind of Nativity.

A range of dogs performed key roles in the story of Christmas on Sunday watched by about 80 people at the ’Dogtivity’ at Busy Bees Dog Training Centre in Ramsey.

Narrating the play was Louise Strickett - pastor of Ramsey Baptist Church.

Organiser, Debbie Martin of the centre, said: ’The show was an amazing success and very well received by everyone who attended. There were a couple of funny little moments - the donkey’s ears fell off and somewhere along the line the little Christmas trees were peed on - but thankfully nothing worse!

’People who may not see a nativity, unless they have children and grandchildren, were able to enjoy the story of Christmas with dogs taking the parts instead.’

All dogs had to audition for parts with baby Jesus being played by a cross-breed called ’Weasel’, Mary by a poodle called ’Florence’ and Joseph by a sheltie crossed with a collie called ’Merlin’.

Border collie ’Ross’ played the role of Angel Gabriel, coton de tulear ’Bella’ was the star and border terrier ’Fenrir’ made a very convincing innkeeper. Three wise men were ’Summer’, ’Star’ and ’Fred’. Shepherds were ’Bonnie’, ’Finlo’ and ’Daisy’ and sheep were played by ’Belle’, ’Albert’, ’Charlie’ and ’Alfie’.

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