Douglas Council will be installing RNLI flags along Douglas Promenade as part of the charities 200th anniversary celebrations.

They will be provided by the charity at no cost to the local authority and will alternate with the Manx versions of the flags.

The local authority says it replaces the flags every two years for £2,000 and this is built into the council’s work schedule.

Councillor Falk Horning says events have also been planned to commemorate the lifesaving charity’s efforts throughout the last 200 years.

Mr Horning said: 'The council puts up its own flags every year and the arrangement for the next two years is that every second flag will be honorary to the RNLI.

'There are also many other events planned to commemorate the 200th anniversary.

'There will be an event taking place at Noble's Park sometime as well as lighting on Douglas Promenade that reflects the colours of the charity.

'They've contributed so much to our city, nation and other nations, so these celebrations are very deserving.'