An island doctor has completed 100 miles in tribute to NHS workers who died after contracting coronavirus.

Dr Martin Rankin who works 14-hour night shifts for the Manx Emergency Doctor Service (MEDS), has raised more than £4,000 while wearing his dressing gown as part of his walking fundraiser.

The doctor took on the Raad ny Foillan coastal path over 20 days while trying to reach his target amount of £1 million to help families of NHS workers who have died.

He said: ’Sometimes I was recognised and people would say: "Hi doc, keep going!".

’Other times people saw a man in a rush wearing a dressing gown and were genuinely worried! It was very touching that people would say "Alright mate! Everything OK?". I think they assumed I was very upset and wanted to help me.

’People are really kind in the Isle of Man.’

He said the walk itself was easy, unlike the logistics of driving to different locations to walk each section. Something that his friend, John Woods, helped him with.

’When I started there were about 100 [families of NHS workers]. Now the number is probably over 500.

’These are nurses, healthcare assistants and other members of the team who went to work, tried to help Covid patients, caught the virus and died, their families need our help.’

’Imagine if your family lost the main breadwinner it would be a catastrophe.

’That has happened to hundreds of nurses, healthcare assistants and other members of the team of people that take care of patients when they are unwell.’

Mr Rankin has decided to donate the funds raised so far to one family.

He thanked those who have donated to the cause, which you can find here: