A drug dealer who was found in possession of more than £100,000-worth of heroin was today jailed.

John Edward Myers, aged 40, was handed a 10-year sentence for being concerned in the supply of heroin.

The Court of General Gaol Delivery heard that in April this year, police were informed of a suspicious person outside of the Spar shop in Ballasalla.

Prosecuto Roger Kane said that when the police officers approached him, Myers was asked whether he had anything that he shouldn’t to which he responded no.

Upon searching him, police officers found a bag, which contained a clear container. In that container was a biscuit tin, and in that tin was a packet with brown substance.

Myers said that he had been given the biscuit tin by someone he didn’t know on the bus and that he thought it was biscuits, the court heard.

After being tested, the substance was found to be 1kg of heroin, with a street value of more than £118,000.

Defence advocate David Reynolds said that Myers’ intention was to take some of it himself, and then give some to other drug addicts.

He said that Myers has a drug dependency

The court heard that Myers has had numerous drug-related convictions, including the possession of drugs while in prison.

Myers entered a guilty plea when he entered court.

In his closing remarks, Deemster Graeme Cook said: ‘You said in your letter to me that you have an addiction, and you don’t think about how selfish you are. That says it all.

He said that, in his experience, heroin causes misery to people who take it, adding that there is a small community of people in the island invested in taking it.

He said: ‘All you have done is lie, lie and lie. Finally, when you entered court, you entered your guilty plea.

‘I am only pleased that the police were able to apprehend you.’