A total of £51 million has been committed from the government’s Economic Strategy Fund to fund various projects,

That is according to Chief Minister, Alfred Cannan, who was asked on the matter in the House of Keys this week.

The fund was established earlier this year, with £100 million to support the delivery of the government’s economic strategy.

It was created from both the transfer from the general reserves, and the re-purposing of internal funds, economic recovery fund financial assistance scheme, and marketing initiatives. Mr Cannan provided a breakdown of funds allocated which includes: £25 million approved to the Department for Enterprise for the island infrastructure scheme, £2.9 million to the Manx Utilities for the Jurby water main, £1.3million approved to Department of Environment Food and Agriculture for the built environment reform programme and £2.4 million to the Department of Infrastructure for flight route support.

He said that in the coming months the government will be publishing an annual report on the economic strategy

The funding commitments have a key infrastructure theme, according to Mr Cannan.

He said: ‘The construction scheme is supporting private investments to develop brownfield sites that remain vacant for a long period of time in order to benefit residential, retail and commercial spaces.’

But former infrastructure minister, Chris Thomas, questioned whether almost £1 million was allocated from that fund to the Manx Development Corporation, citing the figure from a recent Freedom of Information response made to Treasury.

Mr Cannan said that there is no record of the Manx Development Corporation being supported by the Economic Strategy Fund.

Mr Cannan said: ‘I highlight to members that the economic strategy fund is but one part of government’s commitment to developing the economy.

‘A major part of that is the work of the Board and the agencies that are connected to the Department for Enterprise, and that work is ongoing on a daily basis.’