In a show that promises to make you dance until your feet fall off, the cast of 42nd Street bring audiences their adaptation of an iconic Broadway musical.

This ‘taptastic’ tale follows a talented young woman, just arrived in New York, looking for her big break during the height of the great depression.

It comes in the form of a starring role in ‘Pretty Lady’, a broadway show by renowned director Julian Marsh.

Far from her home of Allentown, Peggy is unexpectedly thrown into the role of leading lady two days before the show begins its run.

Seeing the rehearsal process of a Broadway show is just as chaotic as you would imagine, with the stage constantly bustling with excitement.

Taylorian Productions brings it to life with gusto, helped by the fantastic score, including classics like ‘We’re in the Money’, ‘Lullaby of Broadway’ and ‘About A Quarter to Nine’.

Elegantly directed by Chris Cuming, the ensemble all have their moments to shine. Powerful voices fill the theatre and striking dances are particularly appealing to the eye.

Natalie Nixon takes on the role of Peggy effortlessly, balancing the character’s shy nature with her big city ambitions to become a star.

Tony Eccles counterbalances Peggy’s reticence with verve as he becomes a loud and proud Billy Lawlor, the lead tenor and love interest.

A particular highlight was Christian Cooper’s Andy Lee, the choreographer of ‘Pretty Lady’. His energy is unmatched and it makes for an entertaining watch when his character battles Kristene Sutcliffe’s Dorothy Brock, a past her prime prima donna who refuses to dance.

Her rendition of ‘I Only Have Eyes For You’ is exquisite and serves as a vital break from the jam-packed lively numbers sprinkled throughout this magnificent production.

Matt James as famous director Julian Marsh and Mandy Griffin in the role of pianist Olive were also standouts.

However, the ensemble is at their strongest when all together, with ‘A Sunny Side to Every Situation’ and ‘42nd Street’ being particularly memorable numbers.

The combination of tap and dance routines with fun comedy, as well as beautiful musical numbers creates a dazzling spectacle not to be missed. Playing until August 20, you can book your tickets at