Port St Mary Children’s Concert Party took audiences on a trip down the Yellow Brick Road.

Youngsters staged two performances of The Wizard of Oz at the weekend.

The cast included Ellen Cubbon (Wizard), Bella Williams (Dorothy), Laura Faragher (Toto), Freddie Hatton (Scarecrow), Russell Elliott (Tin Man), Imogen Butler (Lion), Sophia Lawson (Glinda), Sally-Ann Lawson (Wicked Witch) and Ivy Harrop (Winky the monkey).

The roles of munchkins, trees, monkeys and ozians are played by Roma Forfar, Sophie Watterson, Quinn Forfar, Lexi McLaughlin, Liv McLaughlin, Grace Heidstrom, Verity Forfar, Camilla Hermann and Sage Clague. Emily Faragher, 12, was on curtains and props.

The Children’s Concert Party has been running since 1977.