The first ever ‘Manx Punx All Dayer’ is set to take place on Saturday.

The new event will see a variety of island bands come together to perform on two separate stages for a total of ten hours.

Held at the Outback nightclub in Douglas from 12pm to 10pm, the event will aim to ‘showcase’ local musicians of all ages to promote them while also giving them the chance to play with two experienced punk bands from the UK.

Ten local bands will take to the two stages; ‘Dysfunction Junction’, ‘138’, ‘The Martin Family Band’, ‘Impulsive Self Destructive’, ‘Mark. E. Moon’, ‘Swarf Damage’, ‘Croteau’, ‘Half Naked Headline’, ‘Shady Acres’ and ‘The Ballaghs’.

The two UK punk bands are called ‘Skint Knees’ and ‘The Restarts’.

Matt Twist from Manx Punx said: ‘We are a non-profit organisation and we have put on gigs across the island for over 11 years, bringing over 14 UK punk bands to the island.

‘This has included great artists such as ‘Riskee and the Ridicule’, ‘Grade 2’, ‘Blitzkrieg’, ‘The Sentence’, ‘The Nilz’ and many more!

‘We thought the best way to repay our local music fans for all of their support is with the biggest event we have done to date.’

Another spokesperson from Manx Punx said: ‘We've been pretty lax with putting on local gigs, with some of our best and brightest playing across, but don't think we forgot about the island! We've been working behind the scenes and are proud to announce this event.

Manx Punx All Dayer poster

‘Thank you all for your support over the last 11 years. We love you all and we hope to continue providing music.’

The event is for all ages, with ticket prices on the door being set at £25.

In advance online tickets can be bought for less at £20, while 14 to 17 year old’s get in for £10 and under 14’s are free.

Despite the set price tickets, Matt explains that Manx Punx can be flexible.

He added: ‘We offer a “pay what you can” option to anyone struggling financially to ensure they don't miss out. 

‘These people can contact us privately and we will sort out a price that works for them.’

All under 18s must be accompanied by an adult - one adult per two kids. Under 18s are only allowed at the venue until 9pm.

In advance online tickets can be purchased by visiting while more information regarding the event can be found at