University art students will be holding a ‘book launch’ to showcase their creative work.

Every year, University College Isle of Man’s (UCM) third-year art degree students create an event to showcase their portfolio before graduating later in the year. This year, the students have chosen to do this through a book launch event.

The event will feature a collection of books for children aged six to nine and zines (booklets) for young adults from age 17 across various mediums and subject matters, all of which aim to inspire children and young adults through visual storytelling.

Organised under the student’s ‘Fancy Crab Press’ brand, the event is open to children, young adults and families, with live storytelling for the books, engaging zine workshops and light refreshments.

Dr Catriona Mackie, a lecturer on the visual communications degree course, believes a book launch it the perfect way to showcase the work of the students.

She said: ‘This publication launch is the culmination of three years of hard work by UCM's Visual Communication students and we're very proud to share their talents with the community.

‘The launch celebrates not only the creativity and dedication of these talented artists and designers, but also serves as a testament to the vibrant arts industry here in the Isle of Man.’

Erin Done, one of the students hosting the event, hopes the event will be both educational and entertaining for youngsters.

She said: ‘This collection, curated by a new wave of visual communicators, embodies a commitment to accessible communication for upcoming generations. The work on display at this event is not only educational but also engaged with a whimsical and diverse approach, captivating readers through inventive storytelling.

‘The book launch event invites children and young adults into a world of imagination, offering live storytelling sessions for the books and interactive zine workshops that celebrate a myriad of textures and creativity.

‘This gathering welcomes everyone to explore the enchanting and educational aspects of these publications, ensuring an engaging experience for every participant.’

Members of the public, people from the creative industries and official dignitaries are invited to the official book launch of ‘Odyssey’ at 6pm on May 2 at Waterstones.