Daisy Billowes has been announced as the second artist in residence at Studio Umami, in Ramsey.

She has taken over the Atelier space, across the road from Umami’s main deli, where she can be seen building up a body of work inspired by her time there.

In a statement, owners Amy Redman and Partha Vaiude said: ‘Daisy has undertaken a number of residencies and exhibitions nationally and internationally, so we feel very lucky for both Umami and Ramsey to have her join us for this residency programme.

‘Her work is instinctive and watching the creation process of her work is fascinating in itself. That’s why we were so excited for her to take over the Atelier where she will be on view to all those who pass by and display not only her artistic pieces but also the process of creation.’

Daisy has been living in the island for two years. Raised in Athens, she studied at Newcastle University and the Royal College of Art in London.

She has just finished a body of work funded by the Isle of Man Arts Council on folklore and mythology.

And she is currently showing work in London for the show ‘100 from 100’ with The Art Office, alongside the likes of Tracey Emin, David Hockney and Banksy.

Daisy describes her multi-disciplined practice as opening up a debate between female restraints within mythical narrative, the qualities of digital media and technology through tactile mark-making.

And she says it creates questions about works viewed post-internet age and the tricky landscape that they now inhabit.

Daisy told Island Life: ‘I’ve worked in other residencies before where you take over the gallery space, and people can come in. Sometimes you’re with a group of artists who are all working in one space together.

‘When you rent a studio usually it’s just a really large space with partition boards up so you can always peer in to different studios and it’s really exciting.

‘This residency brings the same intrigue, the “peering in” and if people are brave enough, actually getting to chat to the artist.

‘Making work in the public eye is exciting for me, people can experience the works changing every day as they walk past. They can understand how, with my practice, the paintings are all about the process.

‘There’s huge depth in these pieces as they tell the story, and things can drastically change!’

A World in Each Gesture with Daisy will be available to view in the Atelier until March 3. Studio Umami, in Bourne Place, is open Thursday to Saturday but Daisy will be working most days in the Atelier.

She will also be a holding a small group session on Friday, February 16, where she will talk about her processes and techniques. See Studio Umami’s Facebook page for more details.