Educational charity Mooinjer Veggey is looking for writers to create original texts in the Manx language for Bunscoill Ghaelgagh in St John’s for early readers.

Commissioned texts will be used by teachers and pupils at the Manx language primary school and may also be used more widely for learners of Manx of any age.

Director Phil Gawne said: ‘Whilst many translated works exist in the Manx language, Mooinjer Veggey would love to see more original writing in the Manx language for young readers.

‘This would then increase the pool of original resources in the Manx language for teaching purposes both in schools and beyond.’

Writers are invited to submit proposals by the end of January outlining their idea for new stories written in the Manx language.

Proposals should only include an outline of the story and an example of their written Manx. This should be submitted by Monday (January 30) for consideration by members of Mooinjer Veggey and teachers at the school.

Writers who successfully pass the initial proposal stage of this project will then be commissioned to create an original story which will need to be completed by April 24.

Commissioned writers will have the opportunity to work closely with resource officer Grainney Sheard and teachers at Bunscoill Ghaelgagh throughout the project for feedback and support.

Grainney said: ‘This is a great opportunity for Manx speakers to stretch their creative muscles as well as to contribute to the legacy of the language for our next generation of Manx speakers.’

For the writers’ brief, additional documents for early reader texts and more information, email Grainney Sheard at [email protected]