A Short Film Showcase, hosted by the Isle of Man Arts Council’s Graduate Intern Sophie Linham, will take place at the Erin Arts Centre tonight (Thursday) at 7.30pm.

The evening will feature a collection of short films by directors who have been supported by the Isle of Man Arts Council and will also see the premiere of Sollys, produced by Sophie Linham as a featured project of her year’s internship with the council.

Sollys explores the relationship between dance and different natural and manmade environments in the Isle of Man.

It also looks at how dance works with technology and how different lighting and colour combinations affect how a dancer moves.

The Isle of Man is traditionally wrapped in cultural dance and folk music and stories, but through contemporary movements and musical scores, the focus is on not only the breath-taking scenery of the island but also on personal storytelling and meaning which differs from person to person.

The Isle of Man Arts Council and Sophie have worked closely with Belmont Media Group and composers, Eleri Morgan and Arron Clague to create Sollys.

The choreography reflects the calmness and beauty of the island, as well as the energetic and growing community.

Towards the end of the piece the change in mood and choreography reflects the importance of protecting our biosphere and preserving the island’s scenery while we still can.

Limelight by Three Legs Productions will also be screened.

The film was written during the first Covid lockdown and, with the support of the Isle of Man Arts Council, was filmed by a local team once restrictions were lifted.

The timeframe was extremely limited to capture the shots required but with an excellent team, every scene was completed and the short went on to be successful in many film festivals around the world.

The film touches on grief and love culminates with the beautiful Eva Cassidy’s cover of Time After Time set to a beautifully haunting scene.

The evening will also feature films from Brook Wassall, Aegis Productions, Joe Simmons, Daniel Harris, Peter Marsden, John Craine and Dark Avenue Films.

Tickets for the event are free but limited.

They can be booked by visiting the Erin Arts Centre website: www.erinartscentre.com