Tonight (Thursday)

- Alex Cowley at Quids Inn, Douglas, 8pm-10pm.

- Ramsey Folk Club singaround at the Buffs (R.A.O.B) Club, Derby Road, Ramsey, 8pm to 11pm.

- Saddleoke with Ray Sloane at The Saddle, Douglas.

Tomorrow (Friday)

- The Chris Winchester Band, Oscar’s, Douglas, 5pm-7pm

- The Ian Thompson Band at Henderson and Glass, Douglas, 7:30pm.

- Karaoke and disco at The Central, Ramsey, 8pm.

- Traditional music session at The Mitre, Ramsey, 8.30pm.

- Brown Sugar at The George, Castletown around 8pm.

- The Chris Winchester Band at The Front Porch, Douglas, 9.30pm-midnight.

- That Kelly Bird at Jaks, Douglas, 10pm


- Karaoke and disco/ dance tunes at The Central, Ramsey, 8pm.

- Brace Brace! at The Rovers, Douglas, around 8pm

- Brown Sugar at 1886 Bar, Douglas around 8pm.

- Stiff Bizkit at Mad Jacks, Douglas, 9pm.

- The Boneyard at the Railway, Port St Mary, 9.15pm.

- Little Miss Dynamite at The Creek, Peel, 9.30pm.

- The Misfits at Quids Inn, Douglas, 9.30pm.

- Trevor John Shimmin at The Blind Pig, Douglas, 9pm-midnight.


- Traditional music session at the Whitehouse, Peel, 12.30pm-3.30pm

- Karaoke at The Central, Ramsey, 3pm-7pm.

- Karaoke Stars with Mike Faragher at Quids Inn, Douglas, from 3.15pm.

- Trevor John Shimmin at The Sidings, Castletown, 6-30pm-9-30pm

- Karaoke with Andy Bridson at Sam Webbs, Douglas, 8pm.

- Brown Sugar at Riddler Under The Nest, Port Erin, around 8pm.

- Katie and the Cadavers, The Creek, Peel, 9pm.

- Little Miss Dynamite at The Thirsty Pigeon, Douglas, 9.30pm.


Clash Vooar at the Whitehouse, Peel, 8pm.


Singaround at The Manor, Douglas, 8pm.


- Karaoke Stars with Andy at Quids Inn, Douglas, 8pm.

- Traditional music session at O’Donnells, Douglas, 8.30pm.