Top-class performers from 26 countries will be entertaining audiences in the big top in what is Gandey’s Circus’s biggest production to date.

Glitterati, an all-new production for 2023, will be staged at a big top set up in Noble’s Park, Douglas, from Thursday next week (March 23) to the following Monday (March 27).

Tour director Binky Beaumont told Island Life: ‘This year, once again, we’ve got the biggest show we’ve ever brought.’

Motorbikes will be back in the thunder dome, the Garcia family will be high in the roof of the big top in a space rocket and the Serbat troupe from Kazakhstan will be amazing audiences with a tower of chairs and vertical ladder.

A brand new act for 2023 making its debut will be Gandey’s acrobatic roller skating duo and there’s a new clown, Sandro, who will be causing mayhem.

Miss Rita, from Portugal, will be showing off her aerial skills on the chandelier, while the Havana troupe from Cuba will be performing their acrobatic routine on the springboard and the gymnastics bar.

Binky said: ‘There are a lot of big surprises and a big action film laser finale which is something new for the island, something no one has ever seen before.’

A team of nearly 20 articulated vehicles and 60 people will be heading to the island to set up and stage the 90-minute show.

They are scheduled to arrive on Monday (March 20) to set up the new heated big top, which has a capacity for nearly 1,000 people.

The production has come back into the British Isles for a 12-week spring tour direct from 17 weeks in Qatar, where they performed for the World Cup. Another unit has returned from Singapore.

‘There is no other circus like us in the UK,’ Binky said.

‘This is a big theatrical production, produced and choreographed and with a lighting designer who does all the lighting for Strictly Come Dancing.’

He said the circus is ‘one of the few places in the world where nobody cares about religion, race, nationality’.

‘It’s one big family and that is something we’re really promoting this year,’ he said. ‘Glitterati is celebrating the fact that everybody is individual and we all come together with our audience and they watch a two-hour world class performance.’

They opened Glitterati in Trentham, Staffordshire, in February and after shows in Knutsford and Oldham they will be heading to the island.

‘Some of the international artists have had a bit of a shock. But they are all very excited about it all.

‘It’s very different being in Qatar obviously to coming into Stoke on Trent in February when it’s a bit colder, a bit wetter,’ Binky said.

Asked how Glitterati has been received, Binky said: ‘We’ve had standing ovations every show.

‘This is by far one of the biggest, most expensive productions we have put together.

‘We try and raise the bar each year and this year is no exception. The show is absolutely phenomenal.’

Gandey’s has been performing in the island for more than 50 years.

It is second only in the world to Cirque Du Soleil by the number of productions it creates, promotes and tours.

Gandey’s creates, produces and tours several units in many countries of The Chinese State Circus, Cirque Surreal, The Great Circus of Europe and Snow Storm Ice Show.

And they have even created the entertainment for the BRIT awards.

Performances take place from Thursday, March 23, to Monday, March 27. A range of family tickets are available. Book tickets online at

There’s an option to make a donation to Hospice Isle of Man when you book online.

He thanked the Steam Packet for its support.