Sophie Linham is a dancer, choreographer and dance teacher as well as the Isle of Man Arts Council arts graduate intern. She also teaches dance at Theatrix and helps out at Dancers’ Barre. Sophie graduated with a first class degree in Dance from Edge Hill University in 2021. She’s enthusiastic about her art form and always strives for perfection. Here are Sophie’s top 10 films:

1. Hairspray (2007)

This will never NOT be my favourite film. It brings back so many priceless memories of my family watching this together and my Dad singing every word. I love the larger than life characters and also feel that such a serious topic has been made so accessible to so many generations through such a talented cast and crew.

2. Bohemian Rhapsody

I don’t think I was quite ready for the absolutely incredible storytelling from Rami Malek.

The music from Queen obviously makes it even better, but the fact that everything was so well executed means it will always live in my top 10. I have watched this with my family and my friends and it has never disappointed.

3. Saving Mr Banks

This film inspired me to be more confident in sharing my creative ideas. While at times the plot is touching, it is also really uplifting. As a Disney fan, I loved spotting the nods here and there towards all of the incredible work Disney has done and continues to do.

4. Frozen II

I love Frozen but Frozen II has a special place in my heart. I almost feel that I can relate to the film – my sister and I are best friends and so this heart-warming adventure reminds me of us. Anna and Elsa are the stars but Olaf just melts me, the music, the new costumes, Elsa’s rebellion.

5. Hacksaw Ridge

War films aren’t usually my cup of tea but I don’t think I looked away for more than a second. It is based on a remarkable true story and left me speechless, just WOW.

This was also a really uncertain time of my life, going through A-levels and applying for university and seeing this film made me so determined. Desmond Doss is a hero.

6. Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle

I love any Kevin Hart film, but a Kevin Hart film with Dwayne Johnson? Yes. This film reminds me of some really great times. I have seen this film so many times and each time it gets better. The film is action packed and intense but you know there will always be an element of comedy.

7. Kingsman: The Secret Service

A work of art. This hits ALL the right places. Thrill, action, comedy, romance – it’s everything.

8. Ready Player One

My flatmates at university introduced this one to me. I wasn’t convinced I’d love it, but I watched it as we were in lockdown with little else to do. This really exceeded my expectations and I really love it now. My friends and I are always quoting the movie.

9. Clouds

When I tell you I sobbed, I SOBBED. A Disney Plus original, this was such a capturing piece of work. It was supposed to be background noise while I worked on some choreography ideas, but it very quickly turned into one of my new favourite films. Think a typical teen romance film, but with a big twist - and true story.

10. Red Notice

I watched it with my boyfriend, again, not thinking much. But this always just makes me think of a really great time in my life – I’d just been accepted for my new job (The Arts Council), I’d been having success with students in exams and competitions and all around, it was a great time for me. So now this film makes me feel so empowered.