Kensington Arts is hosting an evening exploring the connection between neurodiversity and creativity.

The group is hosting this very special event on Saturday, March 16 for their neurodiversity and creativity celebration during Neurodiversity Week, with a live panel discussion followed by a set with UK DJ, Caroline Cooke.

The live panel discussion will explore the relationship between neurodiversity and creativity through the lived experiences and lessons learned by the panel guests. In turn, understanding how your own brain works (or that of your family, friends, colleagues, etc.) and embracing neurodiversity may be the key to unlocking creative potential in yourself or others.

Neurodiversity refers to the different ways people’s brains process information, and therefore how people think, learn, behave and create. Neurodivergence describes brain function as different to that of a “typical” brain. Research into the relationship between neurodivergence and creativity suggests an inherent connection as neurodivergent individuals often exhibit heightened levels of imaginative thinking, creative problem-solving and innovative approaches to their craft.

Panellists for the event are: Anna Clucas (artist, Kensington Arts, Art Tank project lead), Caroline Cooke (DJ, producer and arts administrator) and Kai Varetto (LGBTQ+ youth worker and Kensington Arts soundcheck assistant).

Host of the evening is Isle of Man Arts Council arts graduate intern Callum Rowe.

Caroline Cooke, known as ‘Caroline the DJ’, is an electronic music artist with a focus on harmonious melodies, synthesizers and vocal samples.

Their music spans ambient and hard dance genres. Influenced by a diverse range of musical experiences and inspirations, Caroline’s sound evokes a sense of nostalgia and curiosity.

Caroline is not only committed to creating art but also to fostering inclusivity within the music industry, particularly for marginalized communities, making music both a creative outlet and a powerful form of communication.

Tickets for the event are £5 available from the Kensington Arts website: