Paulette Bevan-Kelly has been with her wife Emma for nearly 15 years and they married a few weeks before lockdown. Their daughter Misha-Lilly is nine and Paulette has two older children, Ciara, 23, and Cameron, 27, who has a baby daughter Marleigh. Paulette has been the landlady of The Royal George in Ramsey since the end of first lockdown. Before that she was landlady at The Stanley. She’s a big believer in providing entertainment every Friday and Saturday. ‘I live for entertaining people,’ she said. She loves karaoke and hosted in many pubs in Ramsey before becoming a landlady. Her favourite songs have special lyrical meaning and have got her through tough times and some of her happiest times.

Stand by you by Rachel Platten

When Emma and I were trying to find a song for her to walk down the aisle to this song absolutely melted us and said everything we wanted to say to each other. Now if I’m having a tough day I think of this song and know that she will forever be by my side.

Wherever you will go by Charlene Soraia

We chose this for our first dance as the words were perfect. It was performed by Nicki Naden, an amazing local artist we first saw early in our relationship and said to when we get married she will sing our first dance song. We became friends so it was even more special.

Sound of Silence by Disturbed

I remember sitting at my mum’s kitchen table having tea and biscuits and putting the world to rights like we often did.

This song came on the radio and I said that I really liked it. She said the original by Simon & Garfunkel was one of her favourite songs so this song reminds me of her. She sadly passed away in 2017 and I miss her every day.

Sometimes by Erasure

I am a big Erasure fan and have seen them three times with my brother Steven. I admire Andy Bell’s courage in singing about the hardship of being gay in songs like Hideaway.

It gave me hope that one day it would be accepted. As a rebel at school my teacher said I’d never remember the French translation for sometimes. This song was in the charts at the time so I still remember it’s quelquefois.

Anything for love by Meatloaf

Big fan of Meatloaf but this song reminds me of my best friend Alison’s mum who sadly passed away when we were 20 and on the rare occasion we’re out at karaoke she asks me to sing it for her. It’s of my favourite karaoke songs because everyone joins in.

More to love by the Communards

As a teenager I wanted to sing this song to everyone, knowing I was a lesbian and hiding this to conform with what was expected and considered normal, it was hard living in a lie.

I just wanted everyone to hear this song and believe there was more to love than boy meets girl.

I am so proud of how far society has come in my lifetime and I have every faith that one day coming out will not even be a thing.

In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins

This song inspired me from a young age to want to own a drum kit and be able to play. I now own a drum kit I still can’t play them, maybe one day.

Everybody Hurts by REM

I have suffered with depression and been in dark places and this song taught me it’s okay to not be okay, everybody hurts sometimes and that I wasn’t alone, all I had to do was hold on. Many tears have been shed to this song but it made me hold on.

Nothing else Matters by Metallica

I liked some heavy metal in my late teens and this song was completely different for Metallica. It’s just a beautiful, happy, sad song which anyone can relate to in some way.

Country Roads by Hermes House Band

It’s the last song we play at The Royal on a Friday and Saturday night, except in December when it’s Fairytale Of New York, a happy together song that everyone joins in with and feels the love and they sing it all the way home.