One of the island’s first ever inclusive discos has been held to ensure those with disabilities or neurodiversity can enjoy an evening out.

The event is the brainchild of Douglas Golf Club chef and DJ Roy Duggan, whose partner works for Autism Initiatives, and Liz Vipond.

While there are various centres and places to help those with disabilities and neurodiversity, Roy realised nowhere really caters for these people if they want to enjoy an evening out.

The first event was held last Monday and has proved a big success. The disco was held with low lighting, no strobe lighting and a lower volume on the music or the option of wearing ear defenders to lessen the sound.

Roy said: ‘My partner works for Autism Initiatives and we felt nightlife was not something that was really catered for in the island. No events seemed to pop up.

‘We decided to do something ourselves as we know similar events have proved very popular in the UK. With being a DJ and a chef, I wanted to bring the two elements together for people to enjoy.

‘Our first event was held not long ago and it was amazing to see all these people enjoying themselves. As many of these people have no filter, the party started straight away and they don’t need 10 pints of lager to get going!’

Roy has been delighted with the feedback although there was one issue raised by those attending.

‘There was not the biggest attendance but we have had brilliant feedback and those who came,’ he said. ‘But some did say the cost was a bit high so we will be lowering it next time but we will not cut down on anything.

‘The key is that the event is totally inclusive which means it is open to anyone of any age whether they have any kind of extra needs or not.’

Sandie Hannay’s brother John-Paul Moore, 53, has a passion for dancing and had a great time at the disco.

She said: ‘We went to the inclusive disco and it was fantastic. John-Paul just loves to dance and loves all kinds of music. The staff at the golf club are just so good.

‘I really think Roy and Liz have found a little niche here. People like John-Paul don’t really have access to events like this. I think what Roy and Liz have done is brilliant and John-Paul is looking forward to the next one.’

Roy is already involved in helping those additional needs.

‘We support a couple of students and are teaching them skills,’ Roy explained, ‘with the aim of finding them a career in hospitality or catering.

‘We hope these evenings can help others take small steps to getting more involved and gaining confidence while having a great time.’

A number of events have been lined up for the year ahead. The next disco will be held at the golf club on May 29 with the theme ‘dress white to be bright’.

The next event after that will be a summer ball which will take place at the golf club on July 31. There will be a boogie night on September 25 and a Christmas party on November 27. All the events will be held from 5pm until 10pm. Tickets are £15 and £10 for carers.