It was a very close call for Roisin Quinn who survived on the third episode of BBC One’s Interior Design Masters by the skin of her teeth.

The eight-part series, hosted by comedian Alan Carr, sees ten talented new designers all looking for their big break in the fast-paced world of commercial interior design compete to win a career-defining contract with one of the UK’s top boutique hotels. Among them is Roisin who moved to the Isle of Man from Ireland when she was nine years old and went to Ramsey Grammar School.

Having worked for a travel company for several years, Roisin took the brave step to change career and move into the world of interior design after helping redecorate her parents’ home near Ramsey.

The latest programme in the series, which aired on Tuesday, saw Roisin and the other contestants take on the challenge decorating a hospitality box at Ascot with guest judge Kelly Hoppen casting her critical eye.

Roisin, who now lives in the Wirral, looked to bring the outdoors inside by using trellises to create her signature floral theme.

The latest episode featured the work Roisin had done on her parents’ home.

‘When I was choosing all the colours and wallpaper my dad was, like, no, no,no but now he absolutely loves it,’ Roisin said.

‘I love deep colours and flamboyant wallpaper when you walk into the room it punches you in the face. I like to try different things and if it doesn’t work it is a learning curve.’

Unfortunately for Roisin, Kelly Hoppen was not overly impressed.

‘To me the wallpaper in here is overkill,’ she said. ‘I love the idea of a garden room and the trellises on the ceiling are lovely but it is too literal.’

This week, two contestants were heading home which meant four of them were at risk – and that included Roisin. ‘I am gutted. I loved my little room at the end,’ she said.

When asked by Michelle Ogundehin about her design Roisin said: ‘I wanted to take the client on a journey when they entered the room. I wanted it to be magical, warm, uplifting and I get that feel when I walk in a summerhouse.

‘There was something in me that loved the idea of trellising and reminded me of luxury houses and I thought that would be perfect for Ascot. I maybe didn’t hit that right.’

Kelly told Roisin: ‘You have done so much so you need to take some away. It’s quite scary but you will see that actually it will work better.’

Roisin accepted the criticism and vowed to take it all onboard.

‘There is definitely a lot to learn from this one,’ she said, ‘and I understand I have taken it too literally. I am frustrated (to be on the sofa) but also very grateful for the feedback. I will take it all in, I am like a little sponge.

Thankfully for Roisin and Ben, the judges found their rooms were uplifting which saved them from the chop. That mean it was time to say goodbye to Jess and Hannah.

Next week, the contestants are off to Wales to transform three Swansea cafes into trendy eateries. The episode will air on BBC One on Tuesday, April 2 at 8pm.