Four students from the art, design, media and music department at University College Isle of Man (UCM) have had their work selected for the University of the Arts London’s (UAL) ‘Origins Creatives’ exhibition.

Art foundation student Kerrigan Fairbairn (extended diploma in art and design), first-year students Chloe Newton and Clogagh Neilan and second-year music student Tyler Horne, have had their work selected from more than 400 submissions across UAL centres around the world.

Kerrigan’s piece around chronic illness is entitled ‘Despite poor health’ is inspired by abstract expressionism for its ability to capture an audience and provoke reflection.

Kerrigan said: ‘Every challenge faced by a person is made more difficult when chronic illness is added to the mix, yet an overwhelming majority of chronically ill people continue to work, live and find enjoyment in their life.

‘This is made possible by keeping positive outlooks, the support of family, friends and healthcare, and being able to acknowledge and appreciate their successes and their limits.’

Chloe’s submission, titled ‘Dwellings’, creates awareness around abandoned houses.

The 3D sculptural mini buildings are stacked to symbolise this rising issue, which is paralleled with homelessness.

Even though we do not hear about it often, many houses are being left alone for years at a time, letting nature regenerate and take them over.

Clodagh’s installation ‘Trametes Versicolor’ explores the underground mycelium system, which can cover hundreds of miles in just one small area.

Acrylic mushrooms rise and grow around a minimalist structure, but the shadows spread all over, which represents the massive hidden underground system which we rarely ever see.

The intention was to explore the beauty of mushrooms that we often overlook.

Tyler has been selected for his debut EP titled ‘Something Morbid’, which explores the creative process through the lens of mood swings.

The outcome is an experimental guitar layered piece.

‘Post apocalyptic’ as described by the musician.

Origins Creatives is organised by UAL awarding body and provides art lovers, critics, and industry professionals from the creative sector the chance to discover original creative talent from across the UK and celebrate students’ creativity and hard work.

The free exhibition showcases work from some of the UK’s most talented students in further education institutions studying across the UAL subject areas of art and design, fashion business and retail, creative media, music performance and production and performing arts.

Head of faculty for the creative and leisure industries Melanie Clague said: ‘It’s great to see the work of UCM students being celebrated at an event like this, which carries so much prestige.

‘We’re really proud of the hard work of all our students, and being recognised off-island for their achievements goes to show the quality of our students’ work.’