Studio Umami, the Ramsey-based continental deli, café and art space, has continued to showcase Manx based artistic talent with their latest ‘artists-in-residence’ Leanne Higgins and Stephen Dimelor.

Abstract artist Leanne Higgins is best known for her bold use of colour and texture. Her pieces often evoke a sense of movement and fluidity, reflecting her belief in the ‘transformative’ power of art.

On the other hand, Stephen Dimelor draws inspiration from the island's countryside and views, creating abstract landscapes and enjoying the moody skies and incredible colours of nature.

A spokesperson from Studio Umami said: ‘This pairing of artists continues to demonstrate Studio Umami’s commitment to bringing diverse and eclectic styles and forms of art to Ramsey, prompting a consideration into their different use of colour and form.

‘Umami – a Japanese word for the fifth basic taste element - directly translates to the essence of deliciousness, and that is exactly what Studio Umami is looking to create through its food, art and atmosphere.

‘Studio Umami provides a unique and unexpected environment for Leanne’s and Stephen’s work to be appreciated against – nestled in amidst the softness of greenery, the low-lit attics and the brightly tiled deli, their work takes on a new form unlike the traditional gallery environment.’

Leanne and Stephen took up their residency on June 10, and will remain at the venue until Tuesday, July 23.

They are the fifth artists-in-residence since the programme began in November 2023.

Amy and Partha, owners of Studio Umami, commented: ‘It is an absolute joy to have a duo work in the space simultaneously.

‘The conversations that they can have working alongside each other can bring forth new and exciting paths for both Leanne and Stephen. Being a part of seeing these artists grow their practice brings an excitement to us and to the streets of Ramsey.

‘Their work is available to view and buy in the Atelier until July 23.’

You can view more of Leanne’s work at her exhibition at the Hodgson Loom Gallery in Laxey, which is on display until Saturday, July 13. In addition to her individual artistic pursuits, Leanne is the founder of ‘Pink Seaweed’, a vibrant gallery dedicated to showcasing local artwork.

Stephen exhibits both within interior settings for private clients, as well as Pink Seaweed in Ramsey, the Hodgson Loom Art Gallery and the Erin Art’s Centre. Asides from his artistic practice, Stephen also works on his interior design services company re.DESIGN.iom.