With a name like Glitterati you expect big things.

And Gandey’s 2023 circus show certainly delivers.

The performers are clearly pushing themselves to the limit of their extraordinary abilities which makes for fantastic entertainment.

One of the opening acts sees two performers showing off their balance and core strength with a range of one-handed gymnastics. They upped the ante by adding in a hoverboard, and then firing an arrow to pop a balloon using their feet.

This was continuously the case - you thought you were watching the act at its peak, not realising it was going to go further…and further.

Acrobats cycled across a tightrope. And one, somehow, made it across with his feet tied together and a bag over his head.

The Serbat troupe from Kazakhstan had incredible strength. One acrobat balanced on top of another’s head while the pair make their way up and then back down a ladder.

Miss Rita, from Portugal, swung from a chandelier, itself spinning around the roof, holding on with just foot and then using just her neck.

The thrilling thunderdome, had two, then three and finally four riders all racing round inside on bikes, managing to avoid collision at high speed.

The Havana troupe from Cuba used a springboard to catapult others, who somersaulted there way firstly on to safety mats, and then later another performer’s shoulders and then finally, three somersaults later, on to a chair perched high up on a pole.

And then of course there was the rocket, high up in the roof of the big top, from which The Garcias performed their daredevil acrobatics. It was a real spectacle.

The acts are from all around the world and are truly world class and a lot of fun.

Even the safety message at the start of the show got lots of laughs with Sandro the clown firing water guns into the audience.

Sandro quickly won both the children and adults over and kept up the momentum while the next big act was set up.

There really was something for everyone.