Organisations that attended training to help them become more sustainable have been rewarded with a UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man accreditation.

The 14 organisations attended all six Sustainable Mann workshops in September and October 2022.

The business workshops were run by UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man, working with the Department for Enterprise, Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce, Net Zero Isle of Man, University College Isle of Man and the One World Centre.

Topics included starting and growing a sustainable business, energy use, climate change mitigation, dealing with waste, adopting a circular economy approach, and helping nature and wildlife.

Encouraging sustainable development is one of the main functions of UNESCO Biospheres globally.

Educating people about sustainable practices is also an aim of UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man’s local strategy, ‘Working Together for a Sustainable Future’.

Member of the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture Michelle Haywood presented the organisations with Sustainable Mann certificates.

The recipients can use the accreditation in their reporting, marketing and promotion.

Dr Haywood said: ‘The workshops were fully subscribed and more than 30 organisations benefited from the training all together. We have had excellent feedback.

‘I congratulate those that attended all six sessions to earn the Sustainable Mann accreditation and thank them for giving up their valuable time to learn from expert trainers from the public and private sector.

‘They will take their learning back to share with their boards and colleagues to implement as we all work together for a more sustainable future.’

The companies that received accreditation include Breeze Candles, Celton Manx Ltd, Christian Aid, Dry Planet Ltd, Hartford Homes, IFGL, Isle of Man Post Office, Lloyds Bank, Manx Telecom, Manx Utilities, Moootals Ltd, Riela Group, Rtekk Holdings Ltd/MuchBetter, and Solo Ecoconscious Food.

Workshops will be repeated in autumn 2023 and information will be announced in summer 2023.

A complementary ‘Sustainable Mann’ toolkit can be downloaded from the ‘Resources’ section of the UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man website and used free of charge.

Businesses looking to adopt more sustainable practices have the opportunity to hear from Dr Roger Barker, the Institute of Directors’ director of policy and corporate governance, when he does the UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man lecture, sponsored by Zurich in the Isle of Man, on January 25, 2023.

His lecture is entitled ‘The role of business in delivering a sustainable future.’

Visit the Biosphere ‘News and Events’ page for more information.