A local business will be taking over recycling collections in Braddan next month.

Recycle Collect Limited is taking over from the collections currently provided by Braddan Commissioners.

There are 1,500 properties in Braddan which receive a kerbside service to collect glass, paper, cardboard, cans and plastic.

The participation rates are of continued concern, and it’s hoped the new contract will encourage more residents to participate in the service.

Braddan Commissioners Chairman Andrew Jessopp said: ‘Only a few weeks ago the authority was faced with the dilemma of needing to find, at short notice, a replacement contractor to continue the kerbside recycling service in Braddan.

‘We are delighted that Recycle Collect reacted so positively to the authority’s request for assistance and their willingness to work with us to enable a virtually seamless continuation of the service to our residents.’

Currently Recycle Collect employs 6 staff members, with recent additions to the team in preparation for the expansion, and further recruitment required later this year.

Director Clara Isaac added: ‘Our earth’s resources are finite, and our need to reduce, reuse, recycle has never been more important.

‘We are delighted to be working with Braddan Commissioners and further expand our service.’

Collections will remain fortnightly, but collection days will move to the following:

- Wednesdays (from April 5) - central Braddan

- Thursdays (from April 6) - Richmond Hill, Kewaigue and Port Soderick

- Fridays (from April 7) - Mount Murray

Information will be sent out to residents along with their rate demand.

Find more information at www.recyclecollect.im