The government has removed a number of bins from glens and plantations across the island.

Meanwhile, some dog waste bins have been replaced with general ones.

A spokesperson for the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture, which is behind the removal, said: ‘The number of bins placed in the department’s glens and plantations is under constant review.

‘As part of this, some less well used bins have been removed and some dog waste bins replaced with general ones that can be used in the same way.

‘The money saved allows DEFA to invest in other recreational aspects of the estate.

‘People should always use the bins provided or take their litter home with them.’

The spokesperson suggested the money saved could be put towards ‘signage and tree safety’.

A dog walker in the island, who regularly walks through Colby Glen, has noticed a large number of bins are now missing.

He said that he had specifically noticed the absence of bins specially for dog waste.

‘I’ve been living on the island for 25 years and there’s always been great movement to encourage people to dispose of their litter and dog waste properly,’ he said.

‘It’s just appalling. Where are you supposed to put your dog’s waste?

‘We’re supposed to be encouraging people not to litter, rather than helping them.

‘I spoke to someone in forestry within DEFA and it seems to be a cost cutting exercise because, presumably, they pay someone to clean out the bins.’

He added: ‘I don’t think that DEFA realise the wider impact this will have on the cleanliness and tidiness of the glens around the island.

‘I was walking through Colby Glen recently and there was dog waste in a bag tied up and sitting proud on a bench.

‘People are obviously trying to make a statement because there’s less obvious places to dispose of it in glens.’

The resident explained he had noted that there used to be significantly more bins available on Bradda Head in Port Erin.

However, there is apparently only one bin left by the newly built viewing area.