Three former employees of a Douglas restaurant have been awarded a combined total of over £15,000 by an employment tribunal.

Hollie Vernon, Francis Serrano and Sunil Payyan all took Rio’s BBQ and Rodizio Limited to the tribunal over unpaid wages.

The three all worked at the restaurant, which is believed to have since closed, until August 16 2023.

Miss Vernon worked as a manager while Mr Serrano and Mr Payyan worked as chefs.

The tribunal report said: ‘Miss Vernon worked for the Respondent for the period July 10 2023 to August 16 2023 as a manager, her salary was £500.00 per week but she did not receive any salary for that period, as the owner of the respondent’s business disappeared.’

She also didn’t receive any written particularly of employment or pay slips, but she had not worked for the statutory four weeks for these to be required.

Mr Serrano and Mr Payyan were both owed money for their final week working at the restaurant.

Despite an order being made by the tribunal chair Felicity Kniveton, the owner did not respond to the tribunal.

For unlawful deductions, failure to provide a pay slip and constructive unfair dismissal, Miss Verson was award a total of £4,666.66.

For unlawful deductions and constructive unfair dismissal, Mr Serrano was awarded £5,786.46 and Mr Payyan £5,100.

A post on the restaurant’s Facebook page has said that the former owner, who is not named or said to be responsible for the tribunal cases, sold the business to another man who has since disappeared owing staff the money.