There are a great many Christmas events to go to, with a cheery Father to give the good children a nice present and a bit of festive cheer.

But what about the naughty children out there? Where do you take them this year?

This year, you could take them to see magician Michael Kelly’s new show, ’A Very Krampus Christmas’, which takes place at the Peel Centenary Centre tonight, Tuesday, December 14, from 7.30pm.

The family-friendly magic show will feature a series of magic routines based around many of the spookier Christmas tales, especially focusing on the dark folkloric creature, the Krampus, who would accompany St Nicholas on the night of Christmas and dole out harsh punishments to naughty children.

Michael Kelly describes himself as both a story teller and a magician, using tricks and routines to help give a visual aid to his tales, and promises to create a show featuring transformations and revelations, props, audience participation, and a feel-good ending.

He has a particular delight for the more scary and arcane side to magic, and often creates routines around horror or dark mystery themes.

’I will be presenting many stories of Christmases long past, of toys and lessons learned, using many of my special effects,’ said Michael.

’I have called the show after the Krampus, a big, hairy and horned figure who is almost the opposite of Father Christmas.

’Not many people have heard of Krampus in the UK, as he is mainly found in German and Austrian folklore.

’Over here, naughty children would be threatened with receiving lumps of coal in your stocking.

’However, the Krampus would visit wicked children on Christmas night and punish them by giving them beatings with sticks of birch or carrying them off in his sack.

’I have some particular pieces and magic tricks that will tell his story and, by using the tips of his horns, discover who’s naughty and who’s nice.

’I will also be telling stories based on Dicken’s Christmas Carol and wondering what lessons we would learn if we were visited by ghosts on Christmas night.

’I will make sure we have a happy ending, by telling an old Christmas story which comes with a fairy blessing upon all present.

’My magic shows are actually more dams Family than the Exorcist and, if they’re okay with "Scooby Do", they will be fine.’

Tickets are £10 for adults and £5 for children, available through the ’Michael Kelly - Bizarre Magician’ Facebook page.