Atop-rated family trio are heading to the Isle of Man for a special gig later this year.

Country-folk group Robinson-Stone are performing at the Peel Centenary Centre on Saturday, August 6, and there is a particular special reason for their visit.

The group comprises of brothers, guitarist Danny, keyboardist Dean and multi-instrumentalist sister Leyna, who have charmed audiences all over the world with their close-knit, layered harmonies and music created from a blend of Celtic folk music and vintage Americana.

They are coming to the island especially so their grandmother and ardent super-fan, Sheila Stanton, who lives in Ramsey, can watch them live in concert.

The group have recently released their latest EP, ‘Heaven and Hell’, and are currently touring the UK.

However, 83-year old Sheila was unable to travel to the UK to see them, so the band decided they would come to her instead.

‘I haven’t been able to travel to the UK since Covid, and I wouldn’t be able to go now, so I’m delighted they are coming here,’ said Sheila.

Sheila has been playing an active role, going around the island by bus and putting up gig posters wherever she can.

‘They are wonderful singers, they can play any instrument you can think of and they are so devoted to their music, and are very well thought-of in the UK. They have fans around the world too.

‘I think they are wonderful, but the thing I like about them the most is that they only care about the music. They aren’t bothered about being famous or earning lots of money, they just want to make music.’

Tickets for Robinson-Stone are £16, available online from