A family from Baldrine are raising money for those affected by the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.

The 7.8 and following 7.5 magnitude earthquakes have affected 17 million people and latest figures show that over 40,000 people have died, with many more injured.

Christine Barker and her husband Andy Mills have raised just over £5,000 in donations which they have sent to Christine’s mother in Turkey.

Lynda Barker is currently in İçmeler, a Turkish holiday resort.

Christine said: ‘Where she lives is absolutely mental. Last year they had forest fires and between the two of us we raised about £600.

‘We did a JustGiving, I paid her the money and she bought the supplies.

‘We thought we might as well do the same thing, thinking we’d get £500 but now we’re over £5,000, which is crazy!

‘My mum then gets the money and buys supplies there to then distribute them.

‘She’s now bought out all the shops in the town so she’s had to go out and buy stuff elsewhere because £5,000 in Turkey is a lot of money.

‘We’ve got lots of trainers, baby stuff, nappies, sanitary products for ladies, t-shirts, blankets, baby food, and bottles.

‘I’m going over on Thursday to help too.

‘The refugees are arriving in her resort and they’ve got nothing but what they’re wearing, so I’ll be bringing over colouring books, crayons, toothbrushes and things like that as well.

‘They’re setting up little centres so people can go there and collect what they need.’

Originally supplies were being shipped off by the local authority to the earthquake zone, but now that refugees are being relocated to resorts, they’re being kept distributed there.

Christine will be in Turkey for five days.

The personal trainer said: ‘I’ve been given discounted tickets for the flights, so that’s not coming out of the money we’ve raised.

‘I’ve got two packed suitcases ready to come over with me and once I’m there I’ll help out in the resort with the people there.

‘My husband and I were originally hoping to get a van so we could drive over with supplies, we’re still hoping to do that, but we’ve tried some rental companies and no one unfortunately will cover for a trip that far.’

She was surprised by how generous people had been in their donations, saying: ‘I did a charity day last year which was a 12 hour back to back sessions as a PT and all the money went to Ukraine, that was about £1,700 and that was actually doing something, whereas this was a JustGiving page and everyone’s been so generous.

‘People have been dropping stuff off as well for me to take.

‘It’s quite overwhelming how much people are donating.

‘What’s great is it’s being put straight into the economy as well because there’s literally a shortage of stuff now where my mum is because she’s buying so much.

‘It’s brilliant, it’s really amazing! Everyone’s been fantastic.’

The JustGiving page is still open and can be found under Christine’s name and ‘weʼre raising £500 to buy warm blankets and clothes for the people affected in the Turkey and Syrian earthquake’.

This comes after the Manx government pledged £200,000 from the international development disaster and emergency relief budget to support the immediate humanitarian relief work in Turkey and Syria.