Work has begun this week to improve a river wall in Tromode with the hope it will prevent flooding in the future.

Starting last Thursday (August 3), the work will look to limit the risk of flooding from the River Glass adjacent to the Carrs Lane and the Clucas Trading Estate in Tromode.

The Department of Infrastructure scheme includes replacing, improving and raising the existing riverside wall, the construction of sections of new wall and improving the roadside surface water drainage infrastructure.

The work is designed to provide flood protection for Carrs Lane, the Clucas Trading Estate and other properties that border the river.

The improvements have been brought forward as part of the Douglas flood alleviation programme, which has been designed to contend with the risk of a large-scale one in 100 year flood.

Previous flooding damage that originated from this river occurred in 2015, when a severe storm caused landslides and floods in various areas of the island.

Many homes and businesses were flooded as well as government buildings including the National Sports Centre, which had to be closed for nearly a year.

The storm also led to a double-decker bus falling into the Laxey River, when a 200-year-old bridge collapsed due to heavy rain.

The clean-up operation around the island took several weeks, with the repair bill reportedly costing ‘many millions of pounds’ according to the Infrastructure Minister at the time, Phil Gawne MHK.

Other flood prevention improvements have happened since 2015 as part of the Douglas flood alleviation programme, with the current work being undertaken at the River Glass an example of the measures being taken.

A DoI spokesperson at the Department of Infrastructure said: ‘All businesses on Clucas Trading Estate will remain open and accessible as usual during the duration of the works.

‘Any work that crosses Carrs Lane will be managed to avoid distraction and maintain access at all times.

‘There will be no impact on the other roads in the Tromode area.

‘Following a competitive tender process, the Department has appointed CCJ Group Limited as principal contractor for this scheme.

‘After being granted the appropriate approvals, CCJ will be working in the river during the summer river working season, with further works out of the river carrying on through to November. CCJ will liaise directly with persons and businesses directly impacted by this scheme.’

If you wish to learn more about flood alleviation, visit for information regarding flood mapping, flood preparedness and the flood management division in the island.