A painting depicting Ramsey harbour by the artist Frederick William Elwell has been sold on the BBC2 auction show Flog It! for £1,500.

A woman called Alison took the painting dated 1935, onto the show saying it had belonged to her mother and grandmother.

Host of Flog It! Paul Martin said that the painting had ’made my day’.

He added: ’I’m in love with this, I grew up in Falmouth in Cornwall with scenes like this.

’I know it’s the Isle of Man but it’s not too dissimilar, I just love harbour scenes.’

The picture, which was given a reserve price of £1,200 and a estimate of up to £1,500, is a canvas painting which had been stretched over a wooden board and was still in its original frame.

Mr Martin added: ’I’m quite excited by this, I’m in love with this kind of harbour scene. You’ve got the reflection of the barge, the reflection of the building on the quayside. Look at the ripples of the waves, there’s a myriad of reflections there, it’s just poetry.’

Alison said it was a reluctant sale to finance a trip to see her cousin who lives in Perth, Australia.

During the bidding process at the auction house in Yorkshire, the reserve of £1,200 was quickly met.

A short bidding war later and the painting sold for £1,500, matching the guide price by Mr Martin.

Since then, the painting has been listed for sale with international art dealership, Trinity House Paintings, for £7,500.

The painter, Frederick W Elwell was born in 1870 in Beverley in the East Riding of Yorkshire. He was a painter in oils of portraits, interiors and figurative subjects.