Following the recent issues with flights from Ronaldsway, we went to Strand Street to ask people about their experiences of flying from the airport.

Angela Carlson, originally from County Down in Northern Ireland and now living in Crosby, said: ‘We would rather take the car and drive to Scotland and then fly from Edinburgh to London and then from London onto wherever we are going.

‘If you check in here, you’re not in transit and you’ve lost your flight. However, if you check inin Edinburgh and you lose your flight from London, then the airline is responsible for you.’

Transit passengers are people who use other airports for less than 24 hours to get to their destination to complete their journey.

Angela’s husband Andrew said: ‘Many people now, if they’re going on an international flight, will fly to London and stay overnight to make sure they get on that international flight.

‘Ronaldsway is not a transit airport, so if you miss your flight or it’s delayed for fog or bad weather etc, then it’s gone and you’re forced to stay to ensure you don’t miss the next flight.’

Jill and Tom O’Brien are from Prescot, Merseyside, and were visiting a long-lost cousin. They had a positive experience with the airport.

Tom said: ‘The airport was fine, getting through customs and everything was easy.

‘They’re doing a very good job. I don’t think we’ve ever had any issues with the airport.

‘Although a lot of the island’s attractions were shut until April, which we didn’t realise, but that doesn’t matter.’

Anthony Marshall, from Douglas, said: ‘I don’t travel as much as I used to but I still use the airport often.

‘The only negative thing I’ve found about the airport is the staff.

‘I took my wife to the airport to fly to the UK, and we got stuck in traffic on the way to the airport but she was still there in plenty of time to catch her flight. The staff were very slow in taking care of the people in front of us.

‘By the time my wife was able to check in, they told us we’d run out of time, but that’s more of a staffing problem.’

Mother and daughter Krystina Hodgson, from Kirk Michael, and Clare Taylor, who lives in Onchan, have had different experiences with flights from the airports.

Krystina said: ‘I’ve had flights cancelled because of the weather both going out and coming back to the island.

‘But they have been good and put us up for the night. Also I’ve flown into Dublin and that’s been delayed a few times, sometimes by three hours.’

Clare said: ‘I’m the opposite, I’ve never had an issue, even when my husband was working away for six months and he’d come back every other weekend.

‘We never had delays or anything, and my flights always went on time.’

Krystina said: ‘I think in the last few years it’s got worse, compared to what it was when it was Manx Airlines.

‘Saying that, Loganair is better for hospital appointment flights than Easyjet. I went for a hospital appointment in Liverpool and everything went fine.

‘I also had issues with FlyBe, or should I say FlyMaybe. I’ve used them for hospital appointment flights and sometimes they wouldn’t go so I’ve had to cancel.

‘You can look at it from both perspectives but if you’ve got to get off island, you’ve got to get off the island.’