Health and Social Care Minister David Ashford MHK has reiterated his belief that the island need to re-think its attitude to health.

Speaking at a Positive Action Group public meeting at the Manx Museum on Monday, Mr Ashford told the audience: ’More money is not the answer to everything.’

Since taking up the role at the start of the year, Mr Ashford has said the island should become more innovative at both preventative and after-care.

He outlined how the island has in some areas led the way in health, outlining how Jeremy Hunt became the UK’s first Secretary for Health and Social Care, long after the island had already integrated the two.

Mr Ashford said the island should continue to be innovative, learning from the best health care from around the world and forging a ’Manx Health Service’.

This will include the island moving from simply treating illness to establishing a wellness-based health system.

He added that he thinks the island could become the ’envy of other jurisdictions’.