Chief Minister Howard Quayle has said the roll out of the island’s vaccine programme is like an early Christmas present.

Mr Quayle spoke after UK resident Margaret Keenan, aged 90, became the first person to be vaccinated against Covid-19.

The Chief Minister said the vaccine offers a ’beacon of hope after a dark and difficult year’.

Mr Quayle said:’First and foremost this vaccination progamme is about saving lives but it will also enable us to restore our way of life.

’The Herculean task ahead of us to vaccinate on mass will lay the foundations for our return to normality.

’In time the vaccination progamme will allow the measures that have slowed the spread of the virus and saved lives put in place around the world relaxed and finally removed.’

However he warned that the roll out of the vaccine would be a difficult task.

Mr Quayle said the island should receive its first batch of the vaccine next week and the roll out should begin before Christmas.

The vaccine comes in batches of just under 1,000 which have to be stored at temperatures below -70c. The entire tray also then has to be defrosted in one go and has to be used within five days.

Guernsey announced today it has received its first batch of vaccines and plans to begin its rollout next week.Mr Quayle later confirmed that following the UK moving to a 10 day isolation period for arrivals into the country, the island may look at doing the same, but it is unlikely to happen this year.