Further details on the recent Health Services Consultative Committee (HSCC) report are set to be discussed at this morning’s House of Keys sitting.

Health Minister Lawrie Hooper and department colleague Tanya August-Hanson were cleared of breaching the government code following an investigation into allegations of bullying and intimidation.

The investigation found that Mr Hooper had taken a ‘pretty shabby’ approach at a House of Keys sitting when he had accused an independent committee of lying.

The allegations had been made by two members of the HSCC who claimed they were subjected to a ‘rant’ by the Health Minister and shouted at by his department member colleague at a meeting in June.

Chief Minister Alfred Cannan commissioned an independent investigation last year into complaints that Mr Hooper and Ms August-Hanson had ‘exhibited intimidating and bullying behaviour’ at that meeting.

The report, which is heavily redacted to protect the identity of witnesses, clears Mr Hooper and Ms August-Hanson of breaching the government code.

MHK for Douglas Central, Chris Thomas, is set to ask what inaccuracies the HSCC Annual Report 2022/23 contains, as well as what recruitment is underway for the HSCC and why this recruitment is important.

The Chief Minister is also set to be asked about the number of island suicides throughout the last five years, while the number of people employed at the Isle of Man Post Office is also set to be discussed.

This morning’s sitting commences at 10am.