The Manx Independent has discovered that the fireworks display at the welcome ceremony for Manxman didn’t follow the Fireworks Act of 2004.

The act states that organisers of private firework displays must notifty the Fire and Rescue Service and place a public notice in the newspaper to advise people when and where the display is to be held.

Neither of these were done.

The Department of Home Affairs commented saying they are ‘aware of issues raised surrounding the licensing of the event and that no application was received by the Department and an investigation is ongoing’.

The investigation is being run by the Department and not the police.

The Isle of Man Newspapers wasn’t contacted and therefore there was no notice in any of the three local papers ahead of the ceremony.

The Steam Packet contracted Event Management Solutions to put on the display, which took place at 10.30pm on Sunday evening.

The fireworks were set off from a barge in Douglas bay.

The ceremony, to officially welcome the newest flagship, was streamed live to a big screen on Douglas Head for members of the public to watch, with restricted access on the quayside.

Those who were invited to the ceremony included crew members, the artists who have been commissioned to make pieces for the vessel, project team members including contractors, politicians, representatives of the travel industry, media, local business leaders and some of the charities and stakeholders which helped to inform the design of Manxman from an accessibility point of view.