A Ramsey man has secured a podium position in a top physique competition for the over 40s.

Stephen Bush came second in the ‘masters class’ of the UK Ultimate Physique contest.

He also came fourth in the event’s ‘open’, a category which is open to athletes of all ages.

The contest’s judges determined the winners by assessing each competitor’s physique during a posing routine, with particular attention paid to the upper half of the body for men.

Participants were also marked on the standard and precision of their poses.

According to Stephen, around 50 top amateur athletes qualified for the competition.

Competitors had to take part in regional qualifying sessions just to make it through to the contest, with the top three in each regional qualifier making it to the final.

Stephen signed-up for the contest after someone came across his Instagram account and suggested he enter.

‘I have been training and dieting for this over the past two years,’ said Stephen.

This is the third physique competition that Stephen has entered since he started training 10 years ago.

Previously, he had come second or third in qualifiers but did not compete in the finals.

After qualifying in the regional competition this summer, he entered the final with low expectations.

Stephen said: ‘For the finals it is the best of the best, I was expecting to come seventh or eighth but thought I would give it a go anyway.

‘I was absolutely shocked when I came second.

‘The hardest part of competing is the self-discipline required when it comes to diet and training - you have to be consistent with them throughout the year.

‘Another thing I have to do is walk around 15,000 to 20,000 steps every day, so I am out walking for over an hour each night to get my steps in. ‘The steps are a form of slow-burning cardio.’

Stephen has already revealed he plans to compete in next year’s contest and is hoping to bring home the gold.